Buddha Nose Deep Breathe Balm

Buddha Nose Deep Breathe Balm 1 oz


The Deep Breathe Balm is a fresh and minty body moisturizing salve that reminds us that breathing feels good. Many who practice meditation, believe that the breath links us directly to the transcendental. Yogis enjoy how the clarity of this aroma deepens their practice and Moms love it for the way it gently soothes their children's congestion. Rub it directly on your chest and upper back, or use it as a daily moisturizer. It is made with organic Lavender essential oil to help relax our chest muscles and Peppermint and Rosemary essential oils to encourage clear airways. Other ingredients include the essential oils of Eucalyptus Radiata and Hyssop blended into USDA certified organic beeswax, USDA certified organic hemp seed oil and USDA certified organic jojoba oil.

About Buddha Nose

Buddha Nose is a certified organic body care that inspires the mind-body-beauty connection.

Buddha Nose uses only USDA certified organic ingredients when available, and we are very proud to have 4 out of our 12 products carry the USDA organic seal. We continue to work towards certifying the rest of the line.

At this time in the US, the FDA does not have any regulatory standards that can certify body care products organic. Therefore those products that carry the USDA seal are certified by the same standards that regulate our food. These standards make sure farming practices are sustainable and free from the use of pesticides and growth hormones. The USDA organic food standards are some of the most stringent in the world, in order for a product to carry the USDA seal it must be composed of at least 95% USDA certified organic ingredients and the remaining 5% must be ingredients that the NOP, the National Organic Program, recognizes as “approved” ingredients.

Because there are some ingredients used in body care products that are not present in our food products, like vegetable glycerin, or particular essential oils that may not yet be available organic, they are not included in the “allowed” list and in some instances may prevent a product from carrying the USDA seal.

All of the ingredients used in Buddha Nose products are totally free of all synthetics and chemical preservative systems. The skin is our largest organ, and by using only organic ingredients, we not only respect the health and well-being of our bodies but we also respect the health and well-being of our environment.