About Us


MAX&MIA is a truly Canadian brand founded in 2009 by Nada Hammude, the story and vision for the brand was simple. Sourcing ethically led beauty and wellness products made with the highest quality and safest ingredients at affordable prices. Every product listed on our site has been hand selected and tested for their pure ingredients, ethical and sustainable business practices and exceptional performance. MAX&MIA is a lifestyle brand with a strength and modernity at its heart; designed to redefine the beauty industry and support a greater social cause.


From all over North America, Europe and beyond, we have sought out the best and most coveted brands  in Natural and Organic skin care, cosmetics, hair care, fragrance and lifestyle products, that are dedicated to delivering a natural alternative to synthetic ingredients, without compromising on performance and delivery. We carry a distinct collection ranging from an anthology of certified 100% organic ingredients to hand selected products with an all or highly natural bias. Our labels are transparent, honest and tied with premium ingredients for high effectiveness and great performance delivery. All which are paramount in our brand selection process. Every brand listed on our site has been hand selected and tested for their pure ingredients, ethical business practices and exceptional performance.

We have extremely demanding criteria when it comes to selecting products and each product has been chosen for their commitment to high quality and skin health. All our skincare and cosmetic brands are USDA, Soil Association certified, Ecocert approved or have a highly natural bias. We select brands that are manufactured as carbon neutral, assist developing countries, and that establish foundations to protect our environment. All of our products are cruelty free and of course, you will never find any Parabans, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Petrochemicals and Phthalates and synthetic fragrances in any of the products we stock. For more information on these ingredients and others you should avoid in your beauty products as well as certification bodies, Please see our Ingredient Policy.


We are committed to only offering you only the safest, purest, products available from companies built on transparency and integrity. We work with companies that operate ethical and responsible business practices that help both the people and the planet. We want you to feel safe when using these products and we are confident in the performance of each of these products. For us, organic living is a way of life and we want you to love these products as much as we do. We also care about the environment and choose only the ‘greenest' and most 'sustainable' options where possible. From sourcing our recyclable office supplies, shipping packages, and business cards to working with companies that eliminate excess packaging, we always try to work with companies that are 100% carbon neutral, fair trade or exercise sustainable business practices at all times.


We’re dedicated to raising awareness and donating a portion of our profits to great causes and non-profit organizations supporting the health, rights and well being of girls and women. To learn more about the organizations we support and how our "Friends of MAX&MIA" initiative is raising awareness please click here.


The idea for MAX&MIA was born out of a passion to bring the best in safe, non toxic beauty and wellness brands to the mainstream Canadian market. We wholeheartedly believe that what we put onto our bodies is just as important as what we put into our bodies. We can all be part of the green movement and make healthier choices for our families and for ourselves, and by selecting products that are natural, safe, ethically sourced and sustainable is just one change that can make a significant impact over time. 

"We truly believe in our mission in educating and empowering consumers. Although there is no one thing that is going to change the world, we can individually, all do our part to improve the situation by being conscious of our actions and how it shapes the world around us". 

Nada Hammude