Suki Balancing Mini Skin Care Kit

Use Suki's balancing mini skin care kit yourself or give you or someone you love, everything needed for a completely calmed, soothed & clarified complexion. enjoy suki cutting edge science with 100% pure, high-potency organics. ideal for normal to combination – oily, acne, sensitive includes: transformative cleansing clay, concentrated balancing toner, pure facial moisture – balancing, balancing day lotion, velvet moisturizing cream, delicate hydrating oil, butter cream healing salve, exfoliate foaming cleanser

Included in Kit

exfoliate foaming cleanser 4mL / 0.13 Fl. Oz.
transformative cleansing clay 4mL / 0.13 Fl. Oz.
concentrated balancing toner 4mL / 0.13 Fl. Oz.
pure facial moisture - balancing 2mL / 0.07 Fl. Oz.
balancing day lotion 4mL / 0.13 Fl. Oz.
butter cream salve 4mL / 0.13 Fl. Oz.
velvet moisturizing cream 4mL / 0.13 Fl. Oz.


See Individual Product for Ingredient List

About Suki 

Everyone LOVES suki. Since its launch in 2002, suki has become one of the most coveted natural beauty brands. Bloggers, celebrities and beauty editors agree - there's must-have magic in those bright yellow boxes and cute little glass pots.

Suki is a complete line of 100% natural skin care products that integrates the best of science with traditional knowledge in uniquely effective therapeutic treatments. Suki products are made with the highest quality clean ingredients, harvested and processed to sustain their dynamic, living elements, ensuring the highest potency and optimum results.Suki is committed to creating effective treatments that remain 100% clean, natural, pure and formulated with cutting edge scientific discovery. All of our products are friendly to pregnant women, nursing moms & babies. You’ll love the organic ingredients used to make this line of skin care!